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Ms. Cynthia Williams is the Founder of Love From Afar-The Christopher Allen Williams Foundation and P.A.D.D. (Parents Against Distracted Driving). Cynthia is a Certified Teen Life Coach and Mentor, a PRIDE (Parents Reducing Injury and Driver Error) instructor, a Motivational Speaker, a Grief Recovery Specialist and a certified Mediator and Generational Conflict Resolution Specialist-holding workshops around the country to assist families with breaking generational barriers for their family members and removing the pain from the past.

Cynthia is a testament of overcoming; of taking personal tragedy with the loss of her oldest son Christopher, to a fatal car crash in 2006, and coming out triumphant by using that experience and her story to help others. As a single mother of four, Cynthia is determined to both exercise and spread a message built on love, moral and ethical values and unity throughout communities to ensure a positive outlook for the lives she touches.

After MY DADDY left

Overcoming childhood trauma and heartbreak is a difficult task for any human that chooses to face their issues head on and decide to no longer sweep their issues and childhood pain under the rug and mask your life by pretending it doesn’t exist.
You will find a few lifetime tools that you can utilize for the next heartbreak because unfortunately they are inevitable.

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Concrete Soil

"Concrete Soil: A Memoir of Overcoming Grief details Author Cynthia Williams's life and how she had to learn some very hard lessons about death, loyalty, marriage, and parenting, but most importantly, how to find her true self in the midst of grief. This book will take you through a variety of emotions, and help those who read it find their own strength."

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