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Love From Afar, Inc.-The Christopher Allen Williams Foundation (LFACAW) is a non-profit organization agency that empowers our youth of today to make more “Constructive Decisions vs. Destructive Decisions. Parallel with Love From Afar, P.A.D.D. provides coaching to families affected by Distracted Driving and Car Crashes by supporting the parents affected from the tragedy of a car crash involving their children. Distracted driving contributes to over 500,000 accidents and 6,000 fatalities each year. These disturbing statistics have compelled 39 states in outlawing the dangerous and growing practice of texting and driving.

Mission Statement

Love From Afar's Mission is to empower and mentor "at risk youth" to make more "constructive decisions vs. destructive decisions" and putting more emphasis on increasing academics while decreasing teen pregnancy and teen violence and jail sentences.


Love From Afar's outreach program dreams of a community in which our youth experience a nurturing and positive relationship with caring adults and community support. This interaction will allow them to develop their full potential to be able to make informed decisions while becoming productive, responsible citizens in the community who will make a difference in our world.

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